The “Company” tab allows the user to edit select fields related to a company profile.

Fields that are not editable:

  • Company ID
  • Company Name
  • Company URL

Fields that are editable:

  • Camera – This allows you to set the rules regarding the use of a Camera to login/out.
  • Weekday Start – Sets the day for start of the work week.
  • Round Time To – Rounds up to the closest X minute over if the employee is past the set time. Example. If the setting is for a 15 minute interval, the first 7 minutes over the set time are not counted (rounded down). Anything over 7 minutes up to 15 minutes is counted (rounded up).
  • Auto Lunch Deduction – Automatically calculated lunch clock in/out without the employee doing it. If “Yes” is selected admin can enter the variable to for length of break per duration of time worked. Example: 30 minutes every 6 hours.
  • Employee Edit Note – The amount of days an employee has to edit shift information before it locks.
  • Verify All Hours – Indicates who is allowed to verify hours worked.
  • Date Format – Allows Admin to select appropriate date format.
  • Time Format – Allows Admin to select 12 or 24 hour format.
  • Time Totals Format – Allows Admin to select format to display time worked.
  • Default Time Zone – Sets master time zone for the company.
  • Allow Shift Select – Allows employee to clock in/out on unscheduled shift
  • Enter Note When Clock In – Selects when an employee is able to enter a note.


You can also turn on different features directly on the Company setting tab. Please see picture below:

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