The PTO Accruals screen is where the Admin can set the rules for PTO events.

  1. Filter out the PTO you wish to access
  2. Edit the PTO (To Create a PTO you would go to PTO Codes)

  1. Once editing a PTO there are 4 fields to manage

  • Frequency: This will display the PTO awarded per unit (day/week/month) based on the total PTO per year. In addition, PTO can be allocated per hour worked.
  • Hours Per Year: This is the display of the award amount (if you change the selection to day/week/month) it will show the annual total in that format. Example, 12 hours per year is awarded at 1 hour per month. (this shows that display)
  • Carryover Date: This is the date at which new time off starts to accrue (start of new work year)
  • Carryover hours: The number of PTO hours that are allowed to carry into the new year/term

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