Time Clock Free is a free online time clock software that provides employee time attendance, timesheet, timecard, and work time hours tracking system for businesses of any size, from single-person freelancers to large multinational corporations. This application solution benefits company employees, school students, non-profit or charity organizations, and governments.

Employees can clock in from a web browser, desktop computer software, or a smartphone app for daily shifts, project tasks and jobs, schedules, expenses, absences, and paid time off accrual. The data can be exported for payroll and billing purposes. The application also allows companies to restrict employees from clocking in from specific IP, WIFI, device, or GPS zones.

Web camera and face recognition are supported to prevent buddy punching. Barcode, QR Code, RFID, and NFC scanners, notification, and developer API are also supported in web browsers, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. A Permanent Free Plan for Unlimited Users is available!

Feel free to reach out to us on our toll free number: +1-833-702-2927

Or send us an email at: support@opentimeclock.com

Visit website home page for further info:


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