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Time Clock Free is a free online time clock software system that includes a browser web app, smart phone app, and desktop software. It is designed to assist business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals in tracking employees' work hours and attendance for payroll processing. Additionally, it can be used to track hours worked on client projects and tasks for billing purposes.

The Free Plan with unlimited users includes all features except for PDF/Excel reports. To unlock PDF/Excel reports, you can subscribe to the Paid Plan for a flat price of only $99 per year.

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Time Clock Free is a free online time clock software, time attendance and hours tracking app. Your employee can clock in from web browsers, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. You can use it to track employee's working time cards and timesheet hours, calculate overtime, paid time off and run payrolls. You can also generate invoices to bill your clients' projects, jobs and tasks hours. It is permanently free, supports unlimited users!


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07 Setting from PTO Names to Shift Assignment. Download this video

08 Setting from Edit Lock to Product News. Download this video

09 List and Day View Approve page. Download this video

10 Request and PTO Balance page. Download this video

11 Where and Who is in. Download this video

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Free Online Time Clock Software

Time Clock Free is an online time clock system for small to large businesses. It allows easy management of employee hours and tasks across all devices, anytime and anywhere.

Time Clock Free is a free online time clock software that provides employee time attendance, timesheet, timecard, and work time hours tracking system for businesses of any size, from single-person freelancers to large multinational corporations. This application solution benefits company employees, school students, non-profit or charity organizations, and governments.

Employees can clock in from a web browser, desktop computer software, or a smartphone app for daily shifts, project tasks and jobs, schedules, expenses, absences, and paid time off accrual. The data can be exported for payroll and billing purposes. The application also allows companies to restrict employees from clocking in from specific IP, WIFI, device, or GPS zones.

Web camera and face recognition are supported to prevent buddy punching. Barcode, QR Code, RFID, and NFC scanners, notification, and developer API are also supported in web browsers, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Time Clock Free: The Ultimate Employee Time Attendance Tracking App

Managing employee time and attendance has never been easy for business owners and payroll professionals. With the growing number of employees and the complexity of tracking their schedules, it's essential to have a reliable and efficient time clock system. This is where Time Clock Free comes in - the best free, cheap online employee time clock and project time tracking software, app, tool, system available in the market today.

Time Clock Free is a comprehensive time clock system that records attendance time hours, processes timers, tracks paid time off, mileage, expenses, client project job cost, budget, payroll automation, time cards tracker and employees timesheet calculator, geofence GPS, timekeeping, shift schedule planning, scheduling, sick leave, vacation PTO accrual, overtime, construction field service, school teacher student time, hospital clinic doctor time, and other human resources. It supports cloud, desktop, iPad, iPhone, Windows, MacOS, Linux, mobile, Android, browser, Barcode, QR code, RFID scanner, photo time stamp, face recognition, facial recognition, PIN, kiosk, group clock, notification, landline phone, SMS message, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, real-time internet device, IP address, and offline clock.

Time Clock Free is a reliable, secure cloud and web-based time clock system for any size business. It was designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals to track employee's time, absence, paid time off accruals, scheduled shifts, jobs and shift notes, client budget costs, and project time tracking. The system offers a simple and user-friendly interface for employees to clock in and out, and for managers to monitor and manage their schedules and attendance. With Time Clock Free, businesses can streamline their time tracking processes, eliminate errors, and reduce labor costs.

One of the outstanding features of Time Clock Free is its flexibility in accommodating various clock-in methods. Employees can clock in and out using a range of devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and even kiosks. The system supports various clock-in methods, including barcode, QR code, RFID scanner, photo time stamp, face recognition, facial recognition, and PIN. Additionally, Time Clock Free supports group clock-in, notification, landline phone, SMS message, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, real-time internet device, IP address, and offline clock. These features provide businesses with multiple options to track employee time and attendance, regardless of their work environment.

Moreover, Time Clock Free offers geofencing capabilities, which enable businesses to track employee location and ensure that they are clocking in and out from the designated work location. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with remote employees or those that require employees to work on-site at different locations. The system uses GPS technology to define geofences, and employees can only clock in and out from within the designated area.

Time Clock Free also offers an automated payroll system that simplifies the payroll process for business owners and payroll professionals. The system automatically calculates employee hours, overtime, paid time off accruals, and other payroll-related data. This feature eliminates the need for manual calculations, which can be prone to errors and time-consuming. The system generates detailed reports that businesses can use for payroll processing, job costing, and other HR-related tasks.

Another benefit of Time Clock Free is its support for various industries. The system caters to businesses in different fields, including construction, field service, schools, hospitals, and clinics. This flexibility makes Time Clock Free a versatile solution for businesses of any size and industry.

Time Clock Free is also highly customizable. Business owners can configure the system to suit their unique needs and requirements. They can set up rules and restrictions, such as limiting employee clock-ins to specific networks, devices, or GPS zones. This feature ensures that employees are clocking in and out only when they are authorized to do so. The system also supports web cameras to prevent employees from pal punching or clocking in for one another.

In conclusion, Time Clock Free is the ultimate employee time attendance tracking app for businesses looking to simplify their time tracking processes, improve accuracy, and reduce labor costs. With its comprehensive features, flexibility, and affordability, Time Clock Free offers businesses the ultimate solution for managing employee time and attendance. The system's support for various clock-in methods, geofencing capabilities, and automated payroll system make it a top choice for businesses in different industries. Moreover, the system's customizable rules and restrictions and support for web cameras ensure that businesses can prevent time theft and accurately track employee attendance.

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Cloud Based

Many options to clock in

Access is available from a web browser, desktop computer software, and mobile phone app.

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Username Password

Employees enter their username and password to clock in. This feature is available on both public and private devices.

Camera Face Recognition

With the built-in camera on a computer or phone, the app can recognize the employee and clock them in without the need to enter a username or password.

Camera scan QR code or handheld barcode scanner

Employees have the option to clock in using either a web camera or a handheld QR code scanner to scan barcodes or QR codes.

RFID reader, NFC tag scanner

Employees can clock in by swiping their RFID badge card or NFC tag on the RFID/NFC reader.

Entering PIN number

Employees can clock in by entering their PIN number using either the virtual keyboard or by entering it manually.

Select listed full name

Employees can also clock in by selecting their name from a list.

A group of employees to clock in all at once

The department manager can clock in a group of employees all at once by selecting them together.

Offline mode without the Internet access

Employees can clock in even without internet access, and then sync their data when they return to the office.

Absence request and approval

Employees can request paid time off or absence using both their computer and smartphone, and managers can approve or deny these requests.

Paid time off accrual and balance

Managers can set up paid time off accruals for employees and view their balances, which is helpful for making decisions on requesting and approving time off.

Overtime rules and calculation

Managers can create overtime rules and apply them to different employees based on the cities they work in.

Schedule shifts and jobs for employees

Managers can create shifts and jobs, and assign them to different employees. They can also schedule which employees work on which shift and job on specific days.

Approve worked time records

Managers can set up a system that allows employees and managers to approve worked time records before payroll processing.

Restricted clock points by device, IP address, WIFI and GPS

Managers can restrict employees from clocking in from anywhere other than clock points, which can be defined by device ID, IP address, WIFI ID, and GPS geo-location.

View employee's clock in location, photo and GPS address

Managers can view and check where employees clock in from, including their device, IP address, WIFI, and GPS address. They can also view employees' photos to verify their identity and prevent buddy punching. Additionally, managers can view the clock-in records on Google Maps with GPS geo-locations.

Email notification for important events

Managers can set up email notifications for important events such as when employees clock in, are late, reach overtime, request absence, and need reminders to clock out.

Project timers to track works on client's project and task time

Project timers can help track work time on clients' projects and tasks, ensuring more accurate billing for customers.

Reports in Excel, PDF files and other formats

The system offers over 50 pre-formatted reports that can be exported as Excel files, PDF files, or other formats. Additionally, users can send sample reports to us and request customized reports.

Send and receive messages in the app

You can log in to view messages you have received and send messages to all employees within the app.

Switch OFF or ON for the features you need

You may not need all the features provided by the system. You can choose to enable the features you need and disable the ones you don't.

Time Clock Free powers ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world

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“ Face recognition, QR code scanning, and group clock features are available on the web browser, desktop software, and smartphone app, making it convenient to use. ”
“ You combine daily shift time clock with project time tracking, which is exactly what we need. ”
“ Useful GPS geo-fencing and other options are available to restrict employees from clocking in outside the office area. ”
“ Your collection of over 50 pre-formatted reports is impressive, and the customized report you created for us is very convenient. Thank you! ”
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