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Free Employee Time Clock App

Time Clock Free offers robust, user-friendly online timekeeping software suitable for companies large and small. It enables efficient tracking of employee hours and attendance, streamlining payroll management and billing for client projects.

Numerous Ways to Register Time

Offers a full suite of management solutions for employee monitoring, scheduling, payroll, shift coordination, and fraud prevention. It encompasses detailed tracking of time by project, job, and department with adaptable policies for overtime and vacation days. Equipped with real-time alerts and powerful reporting tools, it is designed to optimize workflows and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Various Tools for Time Management

We offer over 80 preset PDF/Excel reports that analyze employee attendance from various angles. These reports significantly ease the tasks of processing payroll and billing for client projects. Should you need specialized reports, our development team is ready to customize them according to your particular requirements.

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Numerous Reporting Options to Evaluate Time Logs

We provide more than 80 predefined PDF/Excel reports that evaluate employee attendance from multiple perspectives. These reports greatly simplify your payroll processing and client project billing. If you require customized reports, our developers are available to tailor them to meet your specific needs.

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Access Utilities

Employees have the flexibility to punch in using multiple devices such as desktop software (Windows/MacOS), web browsers, and Android/iOS mobile apps. Beyond using a username and password, they can also authenticate via facial recognition or external tools like QR code scanners and RFID/NFC scanners. To counteract buddy punching or unauthorized off-site clock-ins, we capture photos and GPS coordinates at the time of clock-in.

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User Clock

Log in with a username and password to clock in.

Face Clock

Clock in using the integrated camera on a computer or smartphone for facial recognition.

PIN Clock

Clock in by inputting the digital number using the on-screen numeric keypad or the device’s physical keyboard.

Barcode QR Code Clock

Register your arrival by scanning barcodes or QR codes with an external scanner or camera.

RFID Clock

Enable time entry using an external RFID/NFC card scanner.

Group Clock

Permit department managers to register attendance for multiple employees simultaneously.

Offline Clock

Enable employees to register their attendance offline using a mobile app when an internet connection is unavailable.

Web Cam Photo

Utilize a camera to capture photos, allowing managers to later match names with pictures to verify identities and prevent buddy punching.

GPS and Map

Capture the GPS coordinates of employee check-ins and enable managers to see these locations on Google Maps.

iFrame Code

Integrate the complete Time Clock Free web application into your website to immediately provide your site with a comprehensive time clock system.

Quick Switch

Enable employees to swiftly change jobs or switch departments.

Name Clock

Permit employees to choose their names directly from the interface for clocking in.

Fast Scan

Enable pre-selection of shifts and jobs prior to scanning to facilitate a quicker and more efficient clock-in experience.

PIN Kiosk

Ideal for installing a kiosk terminal without a keyboard in the company’s reception area to facilitate employee clock-ins.

Administrative Instruments

Our backend system provides a variety of tools designed to assist managers in effectively overseeing employee hours. Crucial functionalities encompass monitoring attendance, determining overtime, executing payroll, and producing reports for client invoicing. It also handles vacation management, shift planning, and identifies deceitful activities like buddy punching. Furthermore, an instant alert system ensures managers are promptly informed about significant matters, enhancing the efficiency of management processes.

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Project Tracking

Log the hours employees dedicate to a particular project. Additionally, we offer corresponding reports in the report section for invoicing, which can be forwarded to clients.

Job Tracking

Track the duration employees work on a particular job.

Department Tracking

Log the hours employees dedicate to a specific department.

Shift Schedules

Plan upcoming work shifts for employees.

Job Schedules

Arrange upcoming job tasks for employees.

Overtime Rules

Establish an unlimited set of overtime policies and implement them across various employees.

Absence Tracking

Document the leave status of employees, enabling them to apply for time off and managers to authorize vacations.

Paid Time Off Auto Accruals

Automatically compile employees' accrued paid time off hours according to different criteria, including hours worked, length of service, and other factors.


Dispatch emails to specified recipients when specific conditions occur, like an employee accruing overtime hours or failing to clock in.


Enable in-app direct communication between employees and managers.

Who is working

Rapidly ascertain which employees are on duty and which are off, and verify the count of employees active in each department.

Time and Hours Approval

Permit employees and managers to examine attendance logs to manually verify and confirm their accuracy.

Clock Points

Limit employees to clocking in only from designated locations, using specific identifiers such as device ID, IP address, WIFI ID, and GPS coordinates. This helps prevent employees from clocking in remotely from home or before they arrive at the workplace.

PDF Excel Reports

We provide more than 80 predefined PDF/Excel reports that evaluate different aspects of employee attendance records. Should you need customized reports, our developers are available to tailor them according to your specific needs.

Bulletin Board

Enable you to display critical announcements on the clock-in page, ensuring employees are informed at the beginning of their shift.

List View

Enable managers to rapidly review the clock-in logs for multiple people or the entire company staff within a specified period.

Day View

In this section, managers can access and review the attendance records and statistics for an individual employee across a chosen date range all at once.

Where Locations

In this area, managers can view details on the locations where employees clock in, such as device ID, WIFI ID, IP address, GPS coordinates, and street address.

Where Photos

In this section, managers can review photos captured by employees when they clock in. By matching these photos with the names, it is possible to identify any instances of buddy punching.

Where GPS

In this section, managers can observe the geographic positions of employee clock-ins displayed on Google Maps.