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Our system offers a strong free platform suitable for beginners or those with basic requirements. As your needs expand, our system can accommodate more complex reporting demands through an easy-to-understand pricing structure.

Free Plan


  • Unlimited users included
  • Free support included
  • Full features except PDF/Excel reports
  • 30 days PDF/Excel reports access
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Paid Plan


  • Simple pricing
  • $49 per month per 100 users
  • $490 per year per 100 users
  • Full features access
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NPO Plan


  • Same access as Paid Plan
  • If you represent a government agency, school, hospital, or another non-profit entity, consider applying for our NPO Plan. This plan provides free access to features typically available in paid plans.
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Sponsor Link Plan


  • Same access as Paid Plan
  • Should you agree to include a sponsor text link on your website’s homepage, you can access the features of our Paid Plan at no cost. Just add the text 'Time Clock Software' at the bottom of your homepage and link it to our website.
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  • Free Plan: There's no application required. When you create a new account, you are automatically enrolled in the default plan, which includes unlimited users. The primary distinction from other plans is the exclusion of PDF/Excel report downloads, although it does provide 30 days of free access to these reports. If you don’t already have an account, please register for a new one at no cost.
  • Paid Plan Monthly Billing: Only $49 per month per 100 users. If you are interested, please upgrade now.
  • Paid Plan Yearly Billing: $490 per year per 100 users (saved $98, averaging $40.83 per month). If you are interested, please upgrade now.
  • NPO Plan: If you represent a government agency, educational institution, hospital, or any other non-profit organization, consider applying for our NPO Plan. This plan grants free access to features normally reserved for paid subscriptions. If this interests you, please reach out to us.
  • Sponsor Link Plan: If you agree to place a sponsor text link on your website's homepage, you can access the features of our Paid Plan at no charge. Just position the phrase 'Time Clock Software' at the footer of your homepage and ensure it links back to our website. If this is something you would like to pursue, please get in touch with us.
  • Sales Affiliate Program: If you're a blogger or live-streaming professional, we invite you to participate in our Sales Affiliate Program. This program allows you to earn commissions on sales that result from your referrals. If this interests you, please reach out to us.

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Free Plan Paid Plan Custom
Unlimited users
Technical support is provided at no cost to all customers
Toll-free phone support, live chat, ticketing system, email, and remote desktop assistance
Accessible via web browsers on computers and smart devices
Dedicated applications available for Windows, Android, and iOS
Clock in using barcode/QR-code, RFID swipe card, or NFC tag
Clock in using the OFFLINE mode on your mobile device (iOS/Android), even without Internet connectivity
Clock in using a traditional landline telephone dial-in, eliminating the need for internet access at remote offices
Group Clock enables a manager to simultaneously clock in multiple employees
Various work shifts
Shift scheduling plan
Job scheduling plan
Tracking job codes
Webcam photo verification to prevent buddy punching
GPS location tracking to ensure employees don't clock in from home
Display GPS coordinates on Google Maps
Setting allowed clock-in locations
Automatic accumulation of paid time off
Request for manual entries
Requesting and approving paid time off
Live status of who is present
Easy-to-use self-service for employees
Storage of historical data for five years (please notify us if retention beyond this period is required)
Reports available for a free trial period of 30 days
Alerts for activities such as clocking in and out, tardiness, leaving early, requests for absence and their approval, and daily or weekly excess overtime.
Facial recognition for clocking in and out
All reports access (Files in PDF, Excel, CSV, and other formats; Developer API: allows your developers to directly access data from our database for integration into your own software system.)
Tailored development to meet your specific needs.