Permanent Free Plan
Flat Price Paid Plan

Pay as you go service, cancel anytime. No hidden fee. Discount available for charity organization.

$ 0 /forever
Free Plan unlimited users

unlimited users, permanent free

Good enough for most businesses no need reports in pdf/excel files. Most data including overtime and total worked hours can be seen in the list view / day view pages.

  • unlimited users
  • including web browser access in desktop computer and smart phone / iPad
  • including desktop / phone native installed app (iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows PC)
  • excluding all reports (30 days trial)
  • including full channels tech support for free: email, live chat, phone call, live demo
  • including all other features not mentioned here
$ 25 /month/company
Paid Plan flat price

unlimited users, flat price,
full features
  • unlimited users
  • flat price
  • full features
  • including all features in Free Plan
  • including all reports
  • including full channels tech support for free: email, live chat, phone call, live demo
  • no hidden fee

Discount Available:
  • $25 per month per company
  • $275 / year, 1 month off
  • $775 / 3 years, 5 months off
  • $1,200 / 5 years, 1 year off
  • group companies: $999 per 10 companies per year
  • reselling package: $9999 per 1000 companies per year.
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We improve as you need more

Custom Plan special price

custom your need, full features
  • Custom Your Need: Please send your special requirement to us. We will discus and impletment it into the system for free or charge a small one time fee. So, please let us know which function you need and which function you don't need. You will help us a lot to improve our service.
  • Sponsor Link Special Plan: If you are willing to put a sponsor text link into your website home page, you can use our paid plan features for free. You only need to put a text "Time Clock" at the bottom of your website home page and link to our website.
  • Browser Only Special Plan: If you only access through web browser, no need desktop / mobile app, you can apply this special price plan: $99 per year per company.
  • Charity Organization Special Plan: If you are charity organization you can use our Paid Plan. We don't charge you for anything.
  • Non Profit Organization Special Plan: If you are non profit organization you can apply this special price plan: $99 per year per company.

Please tell us the feature you need but we don't have yet


Compare Plans and Features

Key differences are:
1. Free plan: 30 days free trial of reports for pdf / excel files.
2. Paid plan: includes reports for pdf / excel files.

Free Plan Paid Plan
Access Platform
Web Browser in both desktop and smart phone
Native Installed App for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad)
Clock In Options
User Clock (by entering username / password)
Face Clock (by camera face recognition)
QR Code (by camera scanning)
PIN Clock (by entering PIN number, swiping RFID card with RFID reader, swiping NFC tag with NFC reader, or scanning barcode and QR Code with handheld scanner)
Name Clock (select employee's name in the list of full names)
Group Clock (manager selects a group of employees and clock them in all at once)
Offline Clock (Employee can clock in without the Internet access, and then sync data when back to office; with iOS / Android native app)
Reports for PDF files
Reports for Excel files (.csv & .xlsx)
Employee View
Convenient employee self service
View paid time off accruals and balances
Request paid time off absence
View, add, edit his/her own time records
View employee's own clock point info such as device, WIFI, GPS, IP address, as well as photo
View messages and send messages to managers and other employees
View scheduled shifts and send to email
View scheduled jobs and send to email
Approve employee's worked time records and agree the data are correct
Run project timers to track hours for projects and tasks
Clock in to track hours for worked departments
Clock in to track hours for worked jobs
Employee can do self sign up so that manager doesn't have to add one by one
Administrator and Manager View
Setup paid time off accruals and View balances
View, approve or deny requests for paid time off absence
Setup overtime calculation rules and assign to employees
Setup departments and assign to employees
Setup jobs and assign to employees
Setup shifts and assign to employees
Setup paid time off rules and assign to employees
Setup worked clients and assign to employees
Setup worked projects and assign to employees
Setup worked tasks and assign to employees
View, add, edit time records for employees
Setup clock point info such as device, WIFI, GPS, IP address to restrict employees only clock in from offices
View messages and send messages to employees
Scheduled shifts for employees and send to email
Scheduled jobs for employees and send to email
Approve employees' time records and agree the data are correct
Setup project timers so that employees can track hours for projects and tasks
View employees' clock in location such as device, WIFI, IP address and GPS address
View employees' clock in photos to avoid buddy punch in
Setup email notification rules for important events, like clock in, clock out, late in, early out, absence request and approve, daily or weekly overtime exceeding, reminding to clock out
Switch ON or OFF for the features that company needs or deosn't need
Setup other company wide parameters and rules
5 years history data storage (please inform us if you need to keep longer)
Real time who is in
View GPS locations in Google maps
Technical Support
Free technical support
24 hour techical support is free to all customers
Toll-free phone call, live chat, ticket, email, live demo and remote desktop sharing
Thousands of world wide companies trust Time Clock Free in the past 20 years
“ I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with using Time Clock Free so far. The service is outstanding - clear and well organized. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase our service via any major credit/debit card (via Paypal) or with your Paypal account.
Yes, you can either cancel by yourself or contact us to cancel for you.
You'll receive an email from paypal once your purchase is completed.
When your subscription expires your account will be downgraded to free plan. You will lose access to the functionality of the paid plan. You do NOT lose your data, just access to the plan features. Once you subscribe again you get access back.
To upgrade or downgrade your plan you need to visit the Purchase page to submit a one time or auto-billing subscription payment. The payment will auto apply to your account when completed. Our billing team also manually checks those payments that not applied and handle them within next 24 hours. You can also inform us your payment so that it be handled faster.
All of your data is stored on secure cloud servers and backed up constantly.
We do not sell or distribute your personal data (be it contact information (email), time clock data without your permission. We do however look at the account plan info in our system at an aggregate level so that we can better serve our customers with applications for specific requirements.
We are constantly adding features to Time Clock Free. Look at our blog to find out the latest upgrades and new features. You can track these updates from our release notes.
You, the manager of small or big size business provide real-world experience to help us improve the time clock functionality and workflow so we always welcome your feedback. Click the Contact Us page to send us a note.
We have native apps for Android, iOS phones, and tablets. We also have native apps for Windows desktop computers and Mac OS desktop computers. You can also access our service through modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, and many more in Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS.
You and your employees simply need a computer, tablet, or smart phone connects to the Internet. Web camera, barcode and QR Code handheld device is not required for clock in but also supported.

Though it is not required, but our software does support external web camera, barcode / QR Code scanner, RFID / NFC reader. For barcode / QR code scanner and RFID / NFC reader, you may need to ask the seller if it can emulate keyboard so that it works as keyboard input device in our software. For those devices only have USB port designed for computer, you can buy OTG cable so that they can work in Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) too.
You can use the system from anywhere in the world. Time Clock Free is Internet-based. Employees can be locked down to one or multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones as well as to certain networks or certain GPS zones if you want. You can define the clock points with device ID, WIFI ID, IP address and GPS geo location if you want.
Time Clock Free was designed with the concept of "no instructions required". It is very intuitive and simple to use.
YES, we offer FREE email, live chat, phone call and live demo remote desktop sharing support even if you are Free Plan users. Free technical support is available to all users, including Free Plan, Basic Plan and Pro Plan users.
If you don't need the advanced features, you will never need to pay anything. FREE PLAN is available to all size businesses, unlimited managers, unlimited employees, unlimited devices, unlimited jobs, and unlimited shifts.
You can use web browsers to access full the features of the system. But native apps in Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android will give you a better experience.
You don't have to have a web camera to use our service. You can enable or disable web camera any time you want. Beside face recognition, you can also choose to enter a username / password or scan QR code, RFID, NFC to clock in and out.
We don't have a list of advised brands. But most brands in the market should work well. We recommend you test it before you purchase.
We use 'cookie' in the web browser to store the Device ID. We recommend you to check if your web browser enables cookie. Or, you can just install our native apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Here is the download page.

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