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Why is Time Clock Free the Top Choice for Time Tracking Software in Government, Educational, Healthcare, and Nonprofit Sectors?

May, 2024

Understanding how you and your team utilize time can be incredibly valuable. Time tracking is essential for numerous reasons, including logging billable hours, enhancing workflow efficiency, and boosting personal productivity. This is where time tracking applications become essential.

Time tracking apps are tools that log, supervise, and assess the duration spent on different tasks, projects, or activities. These apps represent an evolutionary advancement from RFID cards, which were used as a sophisticated method for tracking time and monitoring employees in both large and small enterprises, a significant improvement over outdated spreadsheet-based time tracking.

With the rise of the internet and the shift towards remote working, RFID technology has been largely replaced by modern time tracking software. This transition has simplified accurate time recording for businesses, their owners, and various organizations working with freelancers and remote teams, ensuring efficient time management and precise billing for time spent.

Despite the variety of time tracking solutions available today, each offering its own set of features and pricing, finding the right one can be challenging. Time Clock Free is distinguished as one of the top time tracking tools, equipped with an extensive range of features, making it an ideal choice for government bodies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and nonprofit organizations. Let’s delve into why this option stands out:

The Premier Time Management Software

Before we explore why Time Clock Free ranks among the top time tracking tools, it's essential to recognize the key features of effective time tracking software. Most time tracking applications offer real-time tracking by starting a timer at the beginning of a task or when clocking in.

However, superior time tracking systems provide the ability to adjust recorded time or manually add time intervals, useful if you forget to start or stop the timer, and they can generate detailed reports and invoices or export data in various formats.

Time Clock Free does all of this and more. It is not just a basic time tracking tool; it is an all-encompassing platform that meets the diverse time and team tracking requirements of any organization. With capabilities for real-time tracking, Time Clock Free enables businesses to adeptly handle employee time, attendance, working hours, paid time off, and project time tracking.

The platform is built for businesses and organizations of any size and includes a free plan perfect for freelancers, individual employees, and solopreneurs, as well as a paid plan designed for larger enterprises. Time Clock Free offers a dependable and user-friendly time tracking and project management system that aids businesses in optimizing their workflows, increasing payroll precision, and boosting overall productivity through automation.

Feature Highlights

Beyond simple time recording, Time Clock Free offers an advanced and robust online time-tracking software equipped with modern features such as geofencing, facial recognition, and mobile accessibility. These features work together to provide precise and secure data collection for time tracking. Below is a detailed overview of our features.

Face Recognition

Our facial recognition capability, known as Face Clock, eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance. By recognizing an employee's face to clock them in or out, Time Clock Free ensures genuine clock-in and clock-out records. This feature not only prevents proxy attendance but also curtails potentially dishonest practices linked to more primitive log-in methods.

Read QR Code and RFID/NFC Card

Flexibility is crucial in today's work environments, particularly with the rise of remote working, and Time Clock Free enhances this flexibility by offering various clock-in methods. In addition to the previously mentioned facial recognition, you can also print your employee's PIN (or Digital ID) onto a badge card.

This ID can be formatted as a Barcode or QR Code, which can be scanned using a built-in camera on consumer electronics or an external scanner. Moreover, Time Clock Free supports NFC and RFID cards, which can be scanned easily from both remote and on-site locations, facilitating smoother attendance tracking.

Webcam Image Timestamp

Alongside our facial recognition capability, Time Clock Free includes a web-camera photo stamp feature that takes a timestamped photo each time an employee clocks in or out. This adds an extra level of verification to prevent "buddy-punching" and maintains a record of these timestamped images for future reviews of employee productivity.

Authorize Clock Points

Time Clock Free enables you to set and approve designated clock-in or clock-out locations for your employees. These can be associated with specific device IDs, IP addresses, WIFI networks, or GPS-defined geofences. This feature also blocks employees from clocking in or out at unauthorized locations.

Management of Paid Time Off and Unaccounted Hours

Managing employee leave can be a complex endeavor, particularly without the right software tools. Time Clock Free simplifies this with PTO auto accrual rules that automatically calculate each employee’s vacation balance, aiding in your decision-making process for approving vacation or time-off requests.

Additionally, the system enables employees to submit their requests for PTO, missed hours, and shift absences, which you can then review. These features in Time Clock Free are invaluable as they remove the need for manual calculations, minimize errors, and ensure that employees and team members receive their entitled leave benefits.

Access via Mobile, Desktop, and Web

Today's workforce is frequently mobile. Luckily, Time Clock Free provides system access through its mobile app (available for Android and iOS), a desktop computer at the office, or a web browser from home. Furthermore, Time Clock Free includes a Landline Telephone Dial-In feature, enabling employees in remote locations without internet access to clock in and out by calling a toll-free landline number.

Tracking Time for Jobs and Projects

Beyond its automated time-tracking capabilities, Time Clock Free also offers robust project time management features, ideal for businesses and organizations that manage several projects at once. These project management tools enable tracking of both projects and the time allocated to them. This facilitates resource distribution, budgeting, task coordination, and the assessment of productivity, whether for individuals or teams.

Rosters and Timetables

Time Clock Free simplifies workforce management through its shift and employee scheduling capabilities. You can input and adjust shift details, organize the shifts for each employee, and determine which team members are arriving late or departing early.

Developer API

Time Clock Free can be linked with other payroll, HR, or project management systems like Asana, Trello, or Xero. These adaptable integrations facilitate smooth data exchanges and compatibility across different platforms.


Time Clock Free enables users to produce comprehensive reports on employee timesheets, hourly wages, project durations, and more. These reports are essential for payroll processing, performance evaluations, and strategic decision-making. Additionally, Time Clock Free can convert these reports into over 30 predefined file types, such as CSV, XLSX, IIF, and PDF.

Reasons to Select Us

There are numerous reasons why Time Clock Free stands out as one of the top time tracking applications available today, and why it should be your preferred choice for managing time.

Time Clock Free is a versatile time-tracking app suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. It supports a variety of clock-in options such as Facial Recognition, PIN, Barcode, and RFID. Additionally, it can capture timestamped photos of employees, preventing the issue of "buddy punching".

These features enable you to more effectively manage your time data; accurate tracking ensures precise billing for clients and correct payments to employees. Beyond just tracking time, the app also helps monitor employee attendance and streamlines complex activities, boosting operational efficiency.

Consequently, this leads to improved management of time, teams, and projects, freeing up resources to focus on other areas of business growth. Moreover, Time Clock Free offers free plans and does not charge government bodies, educational institutions, hospitals, and non-profit organizations, under what is referred to as the NPO Plan.

Commonly Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about time-tracking:

What does time tracking software do?

Time-tracking software is a digital tool that enables businesses and organizations to log, oversee, and evaluate the time dedicated to tasks, projects, or jobs. This software provides a modern, automated replacement for old-fashioned manual timekeeping systems like punch cards.

What are the benefits of using time tracking software?

This kind of software minimizes mistakes common in manual timekeeping, leading to precise payroll and billing processes. Beyond simple time tracking, solutions such as Time Clock Free offer management features for employees and teams. These features assist in pinpointing inefficiencies, thereby facilitating workflow optimization.

What is the function of time-tracking software?

These software tools enable users to digitally clock in and out, record the timestamps, and link them to particular tasks, projects, or jobs allocated to an employee or team.


Time Clock Free offers a detailed and robust suite of time tracking functionalities, along with team and project management tools. It includes a free version tailored for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, though it has some restrictions, and an entirely free software package for government bodies, educational institutions, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. If you want to discover more about Time Clock Free, please feel free to check out our website and register for a free plan that supports unlimited users.